MCPE Architecture 1: Gardens

In each edition of Minecraft Pocket Edition Architecture I will give you tips, tricks, & advice on certain types of structures.

Today Our Topic Is: Gardens

This here is a garden I made called “The Beauty”. This is a very basic garden, and when you learn these rules you can create something more complex.


Go With Birch

Use Birch. Birch Tree’s are the only tree’s that always look nice in an MCPE garden.


A professional garden has a walkway. A walkway is very simple: 3 blocks wide, with the middle made out of light material (e.g Stone Slabs, diorite, white clay), and the outer ones need to be just a little bit darker. Not pitch-black, but darker. (e.g Cobblstone, Andesite)

Types Of Flowers

All Gardens need flowers! Be sure to never use flowers which contradict each other though. Simply put: Don’t place an Orange Tulip next to a dark purple Lilac.

Try and place Red Flowers next to orange ones, blue flowers next to purple, pink next to red, yellow with white.

Try, and avoid Ferns, and grass. They really don’t look that nice in a garden.

And there is only once circumstance where you can use a flower pot: If there is a cactus inside of it, and the pot is on a stand.


So for my fence I chose a Diorite Wall. As you can see my garden has a white theme. But Birch fences, and practically every type of wall works tremendously for a garden. Just never use a red nether, or nether brick wall!!!


You want to keep monsters out of your garden, so you’ll need lighting. Good news is that a garden doesn’t need intricate red stone lighting!… because that would look stupid for a garden…

Just take the exact type of fence, or wall you used and place one at a time on the outer lines of your walkway, and place a torch on it. If you used birch as a fence, then take a birch fence, and place it on your walkway with a torch on it. Again look at Mike down below…

Avoid placing torches on tree’s, and don’t make a noob mistake, and use a redstone torch.

Well that’s all. Be sure to subscribe. And come back next week. I’ll be posting an additional part to this series every Week.

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