Top 7 New Weapon in Pubg Game of 2019

  1. What weapon do you wish existed in PUBG?

There are a lot of weapons that I wish in pubg but many of them can break the game because Pubg is a realistic game which follows all laws of physics. in 2019 Launched new weapon pubg mobo game so you can easily modify your game and will be got chicken dinner.

But there are few items that can be added to pubg and it will also not break the game.

1.Stink bomb

New weapon pubg

This bomb creates a toxic atmosphere wherever it’s thrown. The enemies within it’s affect start losing health rapidly and it also spreads in quite a big radius, (almost a whole room).

So I think this item will be better than normal grenade in taking out campers from their room.

2. Dual pistols

New weapon pubg

It’s basically the same pistols but each pistol in each hand that means firing both the pistols simultaneously. This will help a lot to fight opponents just after landing in Pochinki, George pool, Military base, etc.(u know what I mean)

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3. Fn P90

Many gamers might recognize this. This is an SMG but with an insane fire rate and damage. You can call it Dad of ump9. It will be helpful a lot since SMGs are easily available. But I think that even if they add this it will be a Drop gun. Trust me, enemies will be afraid of you if you have this gun.



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4. Land mines

Many of you might already know what this is but for the rest, this is a type of explosive bomb that gets activated when someone steps foot on it or some vehicle passes by within its radius. I think bridge campers might get a lot of benefit from this. But if they add this then they should also add a feature for destroying these by shooting at them.

5. Throwing knives

These could prove a deadly silent weapon that can be thrown on the enemy from behind which leads to a one-shot kill. All other shooting games mostly have knives, so I think pubg should also add some.


Not a weapon but having it should be fun

New weapon pubg

As you can see, this thing is a kind of helicopter which can carry only one person at a time. These could be great at covering large distances. And don’t worry there would be only one player driving it, so there is no way that someone could shoot you from above.

7. Rocket launcher

New weapon pubg

I think it would be great to have this weapon to take out campers hiding inside buildings. But if they add this then they should decrease it’s damage when shot at vehicles so that it takes 3–4 rockets to blow up a vehicle. Otherwise, think that if you are traveling in a vehicle with your squad and someone hiding in grass shoots this at you, y’all would be dead without even realizing anything.

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